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We are compiling links to photography products or equipment that we recommend.

Photography Equipment & Product Recommendations

Scroll down for links to some great products that we have written about in the articles.  These recommendations are by Jodie Otte, Newborn Photographer of J. Otte Photography.

Inside the Camera Bag

Are you overwhelmed?  I’m here to help!  ….  follow this page for ongoing recommendations.  These recommendations can be for any form of photography; however, I’m placing an emphasis on Newborn Photography for the sake of this site.  I am currently still shooting with the Nikon D3 and D3s.  I haven’t felt a need to upgrade at this time.  I believe the lenses are most important now that technology has plateaued a bit.

50 mm lens for the New Photographer

I always recommend the 50 mm/1.4 lens to new photographers.  This should be for your first lens to have the ability to use in low light situations but also to really get to know the relationships between shutter, aperture, and ISO….and let’s not forget that beautiful bokeh you can achieve with this wide aperture!

60 mm 2.8 Macro Lens for Newborn Photography

Are you a lazy photographer like me and hate to switch between lenses for regular images and macro images of newborn babies?  Get the 60 mm/2.8.  This has always been my go to lens for newborn work.  I do not recommend the 30 mm due to distortion on babies.

70-200 mm 2.8 for Outdoor Use

This lens is completely unnecessary for newborn photography unless you are working outdoors.  You cannot beat the beautiful images that you can get when you have a lot of room.  If you also work with children outdoors, this is a must have.  I cannot stress this enough!  If you look at my Child & Family Photography site,  nearly all of my outdoor images were shot with this lens.

Inside the Car

Are you an on location photographer?  I am.  I grew extremely tired of lugging equipment many years ago which is why I opened up a commercial studio for 10 years.   Now that I am back on location by choice (hey, listen, I’m not into having overhead that isn’t necessary.  I loved my three studios, but I’m living a stress free existence these days!), I made some changes in how I work so that I could carry everything I need in one easy step from car to door.  When working in Baltimore City or Washington DC, I cannot be running back and forth to the parking garage or street parking.  I streamlined!

No More Beanbag!

Forget that beanbag, how ridiculous is it to carry that anywhere?  What about those circular things made with PVC pipe?  No way – I’m not setting that up and lugging that around either.  For the past year, I have used these oversized moon chairs and they work wonderfully!  You can take the cover off to clean, and you can stuff the bottoms of them to build up for baby.  No hassle and easy to work with.  I even strap this to my rolling bag at times!

Inside the Office

Business product links – some are our own designs and products, some are not.


Web Hosting

If you are the do-it-yourself type, this is for you!

I’ve been through a lot of different web hosting services, and I have to tell you, so far, I’m really loving IWF Hosting.  It’s simple, no fuss, and they include free SLL certificate.  You will need to update your website if you do not have  “https” prior to your address or you may get penalized in google.  We highly recommend WordPress as your platform if you are designing your own websites.

Client Gallery Hosting & Ordering

I cannot recommend Pixieset enough for gallery hosting and ordering.

You can either self fulfill orders or use lab fulfillment.  They work with quite a few different labs and use stripe for payments.   You are able to make packages within the pricing that you customize as well as offer digital downloads as well.  It has an automatic watermark features if you are using only for proofing.

Web Design, Management, and SEO services

I partnered up recently to specialize in some options for small businesses regarding web design, management, or SEO services.   We are currently updating our website, but Tolt Web Design are offering design services as well as full managed hosting.  We also provide services for search enging optimization including full web audits of your site.  Stay tuned for more information as we are finishing our template designs especially for photographers!

Photography Business Product Downloads

These products are from our store and were designed to help with pricing and bookkeeping.  We priced our products extremely low in order to try to help the photography industry by educating photographers on business management without price gouging them in the process.  The more we all share business information, the better the industry will get.

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