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We’ve created this site for photographers by photographers that are currently in the trenches with you in the current business climate.

We are not out to sell you magic buttons.  Instead, we are sharing real life articles and education that may help you while not draining your profits.

Your source for current information in the newborn business.
How many times have you read articles about the photography industry only to realize they were written  years ago or tried to learn from a photographer that is no longer taking actual clients?  The photography business has changed!   Taking business advice from anyone is a gamble.  It is important to find seasoned photographers who are still in the trenches with you, working hard with actual photography clients.   What worked yesterday will not work today.

This is a relatively new website started in 2018.  Articles are being written every week to discuss current trends and current business issues by photographers who are experiencing what you are experiencing.  We are sharing what we have done to evolve and grow, but want you to know why and how you can apply these thoughts and tactics to your own businesses.  There is no one-size-fits-all because every market is different and every photographer is different.  We are giving you the tools to plan and target your photography business success.

I’m not buying anything!  That’s perfectly fine!  Most everything here is free especially the articles.  Anything we sell is specifically designed for the photographer on a budget in today’s post-recession market.


The business of photography


Studio, natural, and available light


Photoshop, actions, editing, clean processing


Newborn photography workflow


Natural posing for newborn photographers

Newborn Safety

This is the most important of all.

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Recent Articles

The Business of Photography

Many years ago, I started writing.  It was cathartic.  I was frustrated with what happened to the newborn photography industry.  I called the articles Honest Articles for Photographers.  I simply blurted out what I thought and what I had experienced and observed.  It...

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Our mission is to provide newborn photographers with current articles, tutorials, and resources to help build up the newborn photography industry with real & CURRENT information.