How to Price Photography


How to Price Photography – Entire pricing workshop condensed into one spreadsheet.

No one can tell you how to price but the numbers can.  Use your personal business structure, market, and your salary requirements to find out exactly how to price your photography.  Have the confidence in your numbers!


Have Confidence in Your Numbers!

Tired of everyone telling you how to price?  No reason to listen to anyone else.  Your pricing is going to depend upon your market, your business structure, and your salary desires.  We constantly see workshops and seminars and webinars and everything  you can imagine buy buy buy!  I will show you how to scale your business to six figures?  Not enough? How about seven figures?

I just shake my head.  There is no magic button.  There are no answers that work for every single business.  How can people tell you how to price for your market if they are not in your market?  Only YOU know what your market is.  Only YOU know what your expenses are.

I created this pricing spreadsheet many years ago in order to teach how to price for profit.  It made it a lot easier to have the equations quickly show the bottom line for anyone’s business structure.  It also allows changes to be made.  For instance, want to raise your salary?  This will do the calculates for you to show you exactly what you need to charge in order to create that salary.  Can’t get enough clients but need a specific salary?  Again, plug in  your information and it will get you to your bottom line.

Read our series of Pricing Posts in the Business section of this site.  You don’t even have to purchase this worksheet as I have revealed the calculations for you.  This spreadsheet only makes it easier if you do not want to do the math.

Indeed, this is a pricing workshop condensed down into two blog posts and a spreadsheet.  Why pay hundreds of dollars for something that you cannot customize when plug your structure in, and know exactly what you need to price.