Photographer’s Tax Spreadsheet


Accounting / Book-Keeping Tax Spreadsheet for Photographers.  Know your numbers!  Simple and easy way to keep your books up to date.


Photographers’ Tax Prep Spreadsheet for Accounting / Book-keeping

Designed to make tax time easy for photographers.  The last thing you want is a surprise at the end of the year regarding your taxes; I think we have all been there.

You have enough on  your plate as a small business owner.  There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with book-keeping yourself with intricate programs that are designed for larger companies. … and forget about paying a bookkeeper, with the photography industry being squeezed since the recession, you need to keep as much profit in your pocket as you can.

This spreadsheet was designed in Microsoft Excel for simplicity and is complete with multiple tabs for entering your data from your receipts or statements quickly and easily divided into easy-to-understand categories.  This data is then calculated with formulas and will appear on one sheet, compiled, for simple comparisons or to hand over to your accountant or tax preparer at the end of the year.

There is also an estimated tax tab that will let you see your approximate tax burden which will help you plan for the whole year.  This tax spreadsheet has been sold for 10 years and is updated for 2017-2018.  Note:  If you attempted to purchase prior to 2/1/2018, you may have been ordering through an outdated link on a site that is not active anymore.

My accountant loves you.  It’s the only system that has worked for me in terms of book keeping.”  ~ Meghan

I just received the link.  Thank you so much!  It is incredible, exactly what I was looking for.  Been using a similar one my accountant made for me but it’s nothing compared to this!!  7+ years and finally an easy, thought-out solution!  Again, so grateful for ALL you do for us….”  ~ Carlise